Where the Rivers Meet

Where the Rivers Meet

Deep in the ancestral womb of our birth

Lies the great mystery

Of not only our lives but the

history of our forefathers.

The lineage of our family’s struggle and

Cultural teachings

It is instinctive in the longings

the compass of our journey.

If it is not honoured, our deep roots,

we will surely be lost and wandering

on this beautiful planet.

Trapped in the teachings of the modern world,

the institutions and political structures that

have evolved.

Have you asked if those structures themselves have lost

their compass, the foundations of their


The morality, rights and purposes for which they were developed.

I have.

I have found them wanting, misguided and lacking compassion

and understanding.

I have seen and felt the corrupted purposes

and certainly the misguided justifications

of the veiled and cloaked rationality

of behaviour.

So deeply entrenched are the power brokers they are not

able to see the hollowness

of the misspent energy.

I say go back dear comrades, honor your traditions

Your grandmothers and grandfathers

Go back and look to the lineage

You will soon see

We are living in chaos.

Our children surely see it, listen to them.

                     ~ Raven

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