River Valley Wellness Centre ~ Lower Woodstock, New Brunswick


Welcome to my website and promotional material for the Healing Centre, namely “River Valley Wellness Centre”  I have completed my personal dream and vision which in practical terms began in 2008, however it has been housed in my interior since I was a small child. I have many to which I am eternally grateful who have assisted me along my journey.  I know that you know who you are.  Thank You. It is through my suffering that I have been gifted.  My wisdom birthed from my pain.  I am deeply honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve from an awakened heart. May you find some peace and comfort.               Take it where you find it, can’t leave it alone.You will find a purpose to carry it on……….. Mainly, when you find it, your heart will be strong about it”. Van Morrison

The Vision of the Centre  is;

To teach, to learn, to be, these intentions will help us attract the loving relationships, financial prosperity, fulfilling work, physical well being, and peace of mind we truly deserve in our life, wherever we live and whatever our life purpose is. Follow your Heart, the Mind will make sense of it after!




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