Travelling Through the Darkness

Travelling Through the Darkness


All that I have gathered,

Like a mother that gathers her young.

All that I have learned,

Like a lion who roams the earth.

All that I have observed,

Like the radiant owl who sits in the tree.

These are my passages from the Dark to the Light.

Though I did not know the holy ground I covered nor did I know my way,

I simply followed, trusted, cleansed,

The mighty rushing river washing me clean,

The water touching my skin, penetrating my pores finding

Its loving caress in the womb of my soul.

Opening the held,

Teaching me to expose my need,

not to humanity but

to the all mighty power of the Universe.

The Animals, the Trees, the Moon, the Sun,

the Water,

Tenderly and Softly finding my way,

My way Home

To Me.



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