The Wind

The Wind
I could hear the whispering wind off in the distance of my Life
Calling me Home
All through the days and nights of my Life
It pulled me
Come Home to me
Rest in my currents
Flow with me
Let go of your grip to anchor yourself in things you thought may be true
Release your true wild and free spirit to me
So that I may take you where you most need to be
Let your fear be quieted by my warmth, my gentleness to guide you
Our Wind
Ever present on all of the Earth
The Wind
To be heard in the flap of a birds wings, the rustling of leaves on trees, the buzzing of a bumble bee
And most exquisitely when it is heard in the whistle all unto itself
Only to be heard by those who have turned all of their attention to the hope of hearing the gentle whistle
I can hear you- oh Wind

Whistle away, I am listening

Thank you

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