Prayer to the Creator

Prayer to the Creator


Oh Good and Gracious Light

Walk with me hand and hand

That I may always sway to the guiding force

That you bring to my body, mind and soul

So freely

Each and every day,

As I behold the magnificence of

Your morning sunrise.


That as I walk through the day

I may not drift from the heat of the rays

That you allow to flow through my heart.


That I remember that all you truly require of me

Is to return to you in all my moments of fear, confusion, insecurity

And hurt.

That I kneel down to you and expose any turmoil that

May be present.


That I be patient to wait for your guidance in my life

That I be willing to with cheer as much as possible

Travel through whatever I am in

Until the moment that I am clear as to what must be done next.


That at the close of the day I come to the soft moon for

Comfort and sleep

Understanding that I have done the best I was able for the day

Request forgiveness for what I may have done better

And connect to your loving softness for what I have done well.


This is how I live my Days.


~Lori (2015)

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