Peace In the Valley

Peace in the Valley

Peace, it is our deepest longing

You know.

In all the search, the mighty mountaintops

And the deepest valley’s

the sensation of Peace is

the source of the exploration.

As we age, if we are lucky we will experience

little vignettes of this beautiful

cleansing and healing


One must brings one’s full attention to the eclipse,

Hold on tight and seek wildly

To re-experience, recreate

and demand the sensation to arrive again.

It is a no pulling back endeavor,

going toward peace.

It is a paradox that in the pilgrimage

we will surely experience much disruption, turmoil and


Surely making one think the walk toward Peace

Is a fool’s journey, it is possible it is,

If one does not hold the sensation in the

full awareness of the Being and wanders aimlessly without focus.

The marker of truth that points the Way is the vignettes become, little by little,

Magnificent transcendent experiences

Assuring the Pilgrim of the walk.

        ~Lori  Ellis~McKinney (2014)


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