Opening the door to my Life

Opening the door of my Life

At the turning of my 40th year on this Earth

I proceeded through a fundamental shift in

My way of walking this planet.

I slowly and gradually released from my heart all

That I once was and all that I knew

Fear inhabited my heart

Till my lips quivered and

My knees trembled

Though my brave heart soldiered on.

I walked the mighty desert starving of thirst

I climbed the mountaintop to behold the view

I laid down in the muddy valley

Unable to rise.

All the while knowing I was opening the door to my


To my soul.

Reconciling that I must manifest what I knew in my heart to be truth

That I must walk the daily walk of abiding by my knowings

Each and everyday

If I were to reach my destination of peace on Earth

That harmony and grace would not be known in me

Until I was right with my world

Onward I did travel

My weapons were grounded in my

Triumphant spirit

And my Glory in my wild and oozing Heart.

Today in my 46th year, my heart flows like a mighty rushing river

And my soul sings out through my mouth

Like a blue jay whistling Truth.

My body flies like an Eagle

Grace has entered my Life.


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