Oh Holy one whoever you are I come…..

Oh Holy one whoever you are I come…..

Just as I am………..  Though I attempted to snuff out my light in oh so many sinful ways your presence continues to pull me into your loving arms.
So unworthy of your love I feel, but still you call to me.
I do not feel appropriate to your grace but it still arrives in me each day.
I have begged you to stop, to leave me alone, to find someone else but still you come in whispers and love.

I have been beaten, defamed and disgraced and yet you come
My walk showed me I was not enough and yet you still love me.
I have allowed myself to be used for the material world in my search to be loved and yet you honor me with your holy forgiveness and warmth.

What is the love?

So shall you say:

I am the omnipotent, all loving force that stands the trees tall and runs the rivers through the land.
Honor me and all I hold dear and you shall be free
Free to love without condition and to be whole and without want
Sit still
Let me touch your heart, let me in
Surrender your wild self to me

Come Home, let me love you.


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