Everyone has a sacred heart in their Chest

Everyone has a sacred heart in their Chest

Did you know that every person you meet
No matter their walk
Has a tender feeling heart in their body.

The person may be disconnected from it, and unable to access its simple virtues
But it is there, waiting to be cracked open.

Longing to be revealed to the holder.

It may be hardened and protected by the trials and tribulations of life, but it is still there.

I have walked into the hearts that were sealed off with bricks and mortar.

It is a delicate passage, the carrier of the hardened heart fights, resists, tests and acts out the hurt held in the heart.

But I continue to step in, knowing beyond all knowing that underneath lies a heart of Gold.

It is born into us, all of us.

For some it is accessed when young and they spend their life dancing with it and for others it only arrives in the passage of death.

Makes no matter to me, I will gladly and willingly step in at any point in the pilgrim’s journey.

It does not take away from the grandeur of the witnessing of the cracking open of the heart!

~Lori (2014)

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