It would be so much easier to live our dreams

If there were no consequences to the choices.

If all who were around you would rise up and sing

In great harmony as you sped forward toward your destiny.

But that my dear friends is not the Way.

The effect of the consequences are the tests.

Tests of faith, commitment, rigor.

It is the preparation, the training ground

To ensure that when one arrives at the eclipse of purpose

All that one needs is in the tickle trunk.

Shortcuts, maneuverings and manipulations along the Way,

As one tries to avert the consequences

Will ensure defeat at the point of tasting

The sweet sweet feeling of

Arriving at one’s own door.

The tickle trunk will be missing important pieces

And back you will be sent through the consequences

Until the pieces are brought into the core

Of the being.

Once they are there, in the core

They can never be taken from you.

No matter.

It is laughable this experience of living really, when we look to the Sun

And feel the letting go of the breathing of the consequences

We can see clearly, the path of our Life.

Live in the now, each day we have the privilege to start


It is a choice.

       ~Lori (2014)

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