Bird On a Wire

bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire

Have you ever been faced with hard choices that left you sitting immobile on a wire
Have you ever been paralyzed by fear so that you could not speak not act
Have you ever folded up your body in a coil and begged for shelter from the storm
Have you ever stood in the freezing cold of the trials of life in utter shock at the conduct of others
I have
Left sitting on the wire not knowing what to do or say
Wanting in the same moments to drop to the ground and surrender and also to spread my wings and fly
Never knowing which route to take
Bird on a wire
Watching as the world passed by invisible to the daily activity
Sitting and waiting
Until the whispering wind directed the flight- set the course
Rise up dear bird rise up
And let the holy trumpet ring out through your quiet voice
Speak and fly
Catch the wind and be free
Trusting the wind currents to take me on home and off the wire!
Leaving the days of sitting in the past never to define the future
~Lori (2014)

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