The Sexualized Female

The Sexualized Female
As of late I have been pondering the sexualisation of females. Being a single woman and having a 14 year old beautiful daughter, I am confronted by this phenomenon on a daily basis. An elder once said to me “Lori you are a beautiful woman, but you seem to be disgusted by men’s advances”. I laughed and said “It is true I am”.

Because I know beyond all knowing that when the advance is made they only see my exterior, which I am not at all attached to and never have been. They do not see me, soul me, they do not know what lies in my dark and deep, what makes my heart sing, where I have been in my life and what I have learned.

It grieves my heart to be seen and treated in such a manner, after all I have lived, the mountains I have climbed, the obstacles I have overcome. These are my essence, these are the things I would need to be known about me and I know beyond all knowing that this would be a very challenging endeavor for anyone who wished to enter my heart. True love only blossoms in the flowing heart. Amen!
So I have come to a place in my life that I know a suitor would require an endless supply of gasoline, before I would even put the keys in the ignition. It is quite liberating really.
Lori (2014)

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