Standards of Practice – River Valley Wellness Centre

Standards of Practice- River Valley Wellness Centre (2014)

In my 18 years of clinical therapeutic professional practice, I have witnessed and experienced in my personhood, my family, my friends, and clients lives situations that were deeply traumatizing or debilitating. The stories differ, from terminal illness, trauma, historical wounds, mental illness, addictions, disease and on and on the list goes. As a result of feeling limited in my ability to help myself, my family and the people I work for I have pursued vigorously, respected and studied forms of healing that are outside of mainstream medicine. I am and have been aware that stepping outside of the norm, brings the risk of judgment, criticism, scoffing, etc. I have made a conscious decision, based on my knowledge that healingĀ  does occur and my own personal experience with that healing, to forge a head and offer these types of services at the Wellness Centre, in spite of any risk of negative uniformed popularized opinion collegial or otherwise. I believe wholeheartedly in what I do and do not support anything that I have not directly experienced myself and can speak about with understanding and intelligence. The healing services are offered in conjunction with university educated clinical practices as well as many years experience in the traditional medical model.

Lori Ellis~McKinney

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