On Being a Reflection

On Being a Reflection

The primary hungers of our life are to be loved, accepted, to feel a sense of worth and belonging.  These drives will not settle nor disappear until the need is met.

On the Way through life what once felt like enough, may suddenly no longer match the need within.  It is a cross point in which we must strap on our running shoes and seek out that which satisfies.

The difficulty is that the uniqueness of ourselves means no two travelers road will be the same.  What satiates the hunger in me will surely not be the same for you.  This is both a positive aspect and a difficult one, in that we must find our own Way, our own needs, our own area in which we excel and are gifted.  This seeking causes confusion, uncertainty, wandering and all kinds or features that for a time may make us look like fools, that we are misdirected, that we are not satisfiable.

However when we grab hold of even the smallest of Ways that begins to meet the primary hungers our whole inner world comes alive and living becomes a Joy, a pleasure, a passion.

If those around you Love you they will insist on being a reflection for you to help you manifest your truest self in your life.  Those who Love you have the advantage of seeing you from a stand back position, to see when you are on Fire.  Those who love you will light that fire in every way possible to feel the warmth of the glow as you travel toward your greatest Magnificence in your life.  Love surely makes a person want that for the person they love.  Love makes you want to be a reflection and mirror back to the person all that you know and see they are able to become. Bringing to the surface all that is positive and putting in the background any weaknesses that are also within each of us.

Find yourself a love like that and you will no longer hunger and be stricken by the sensations of lost, looking, hurt and worthlessness.  It is not that the Love satiates the drives; it is that the Love enables you to lift up to your highest potential.  Love is the Channel but the warrior must still do the foot work of finding your best life. And if your not able to find a Love like that, Do it anyway, its a little harder but surely possible.


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