Life Reflection

Life Reflection

Today in a session I was having an authentic and sincere conversation about my life journey, which I rarely do in the Professional setting.

The reason for the any dialogue about my personal life is to tell stories of my life for the benefit and learning of the other person’s journey. In the professional setting it is called “Appropriate Self Disclosure”, the disclosure assists the other person, not me.  Any disclosures I make are relating to experiences and learning’s that I have already had, learned from and resolved.  I do not discuss current personal travels in the Professional settings.

This dialogue led to me describing that my entire life journey has been a pursuit of happiness and peace.  I did not want to die never having felt those sensations on my interior.  The things I have accomplished in my life are the byproduct of this endeavor and are not and were never the goal.  Just the outcome of the Walk, though I am deeply grateful for the gifts.  I refused to stop or give up until I had in my soul the gifts of Love, Happiness and Peace, which I now hold dearly in my Heart.

I accept and understand that those looking from the outside, in who have not walked my footsteps or known my pain could easily perceive that my motivations came from sources of ego, but that is just not the case and never has been, though I feel no need whatsoever to explain this to others.




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