Laying down the Stronghold of Hurt

Laying down the Stronghold of Hurt

For this study I refer to children and animals in the exploration of healing hurt.  The analytical mind is not developed in children and absent in animals.  We should take a mighty bow and lesson on living from these beings.  The mature cognitive framework inhibits the healing of hurt.   The mind locks onto the rationalization, suppression and distancing from the hurt.

The animal or child, lays down in the hurt, feels it, expresses it openly through instinctual processes and then lets it go and moves on.  Ever take a sucker from a child, you will see the process work instantly without thought from the child.  Ever accidently hurt an animal, the same occurs.  The pain is felt in the moment, and then released, and then they love up on you again.

We need to ask ourselves, why we wrap ourselves around our suffering and carry it for years and sometimes a lifetime.  When we could simply feel the hurt and let it go.  Moving to a system that lives in the now and processes the current moment.  Why do we hold the wounding in our minds and bodies?

As a healer, I am exposed to enormous incredulous hurt inside the people I serve.   I sit quietly to be present to the pain the person needs to bring up out of their gut to the present moment.  I have witnessed the rising of severe, traumatic, soul wrecking pain that comes out of a person as if the assault on their heart had just occurred.  The person may be allowing something to rise out that occurred 30 or more years earlier, and yet when it is revealed it is as if it occurred right in that moment.  The entire system will resist this rising of hurt process.  The person must take themselves by the hand with my comfort, love and support and gently walk through the expose of the hurt.  It is a decision the person must make- to be willing to step into the pain to move toward healing.

This healing process is an internal process which requires a closing off of external justifications for carrying the harm internally, justified anger, justified, sorrow.  To be free of harm the person must come to the point that they simply wish to lay down the hurt and the source of the hurt and move forward with their lives, free of the weight of the emotional darkness.  Let it go!

When we trust this instinctual process, we learn that in fact the mind, body and soul can and does heal itself.  Liberating this is!  We are made to heal, if we let it happen.

Set yourself Free today and Live!

                                             Lori (2014)

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