I do what I say, and say what I do

I am direct, honest and sincere in my endeavors, relationships, principles and standards of my life. I let people know many times and in many ways what I need, what I am going to participate in and not participate in, that I will only wait so long for processes to occur that are in the control of others before I take control of the matters myself. There is no cloak and dagger with me, however the time for people to heed my expressions are before not after I have been moved to follow through on what I have said I would do. Once I have moved forward to my best life, I cannot move move back. My interior does not function that Way.
The benefit of this type of rigorous interior is that it is tremendously determined and focused to pull myself and others to our greatest good, if things are slowly moving in a positive direction that includes respect, honesty, integrity and authenticity as much as possible in the moment we are in. I always say you would be hard pressed to meet a more trustworthy, committed, patient, got your back and your heart person than myself. For me and others.
Love you, love me.
Lori (2017)

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