How do I follow my Dreams

How do I follow my Dreams

  1.  You have to know what your dreams are-  Start with what did I love to do when I was a child
  2. Do what you loved to bring back the memory, the feelings and the sensations of doing it.
  3. Let yourself believe that it is possible to incorporate this aspect of yourself into your adult life.
  4. Write it down on paper-  I would like to………
  5. Post the paper where you can see it everyday
  6. Pray
  7. Go toward as many things as possible that have at least some part of that dream and do them, be it, experience it.
  8. Let go of whatever doesn’t feel right or good in your life, clean your metaphorical closets to make room for the new you.
  9. Show up every day in your life continuing to put your desires out in the open.

10.Work hard, dream hard, visualize it, and feed off the inspiration of the dream before you can see it happening in your life.

11.Pay attention to all the little ways that you can see some aspect of it coming true for you each day.

12.Give Thanks.

13.Have faith, even if no one else does.

14.Dreams come true, one day at a time, in small steps. That is true for all!

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