Grace under Fire

Grace under Fire


One of the most difficult things I have had to do in my life is to maintain Grace while under Fire.

I found it to be excruciating on the interior to not allow the effects, choices, decisions and actions of others negatively affect my morals, conduct and beliefs about the Way I needed to live my life.

Many many times I wanted to level a rebuttal, expose wrongdoing, shout from the mountain top the truth as I so obviously knew it.

But each time my interior would move in that direction, I would sit myself down and say: What is the purpose of doing that, what will be gained, what will be the consequence of that decision.

In the end, I would gently fold up my reactivity and put it away,  sliding back into my simple peaceful purposeful Life.  Learning to focus on the positive, stand in my truth with the footsteps of my preferred walk and trust that in the end if something needed to be said I would say it in the right way at the right time and in Peace for the benefit of the good of all.

As I so poignantly said to an esteemed gentleman one time, who was disappointed in me, calling out that I had given up, I said No, I do not fight people, I fight injustice, untruth, and harm.  I am not giving up I am going a different Way.  My purpose is to help people and if I am not doing that I am not on the right path for me.

Lori (2014)

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