One never knows the essence of vulnerability until their
survival is threatened

Lot’s of talk about being open and vulnerable
these days, encouragement to explore and open the inner chambers of our

It is true, it is the path to a blissful awakened life.

I know for sure one will never willingly subject themselves to this process
fully, why would you commit such a process to your heart, unless it was forced
upon you.

That would be foolish and the interior resources to traverse
the holy ground would not be mounted, as they are only sparked by the fight for

The exposing of the vulnerability brings the mechanisms needed
to deepen and awaken.

Not many will travel this path in life, nor should

But much can be learned from those who do – if your willing to
walk softly into the exploration your life can be enhanced by cozying up to the
warrior without the enduring the risks.

Taking only the bits and pieces
needed for your own precious life.

Come along if you would like your
heart to sing!

~Lori (2014)

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