Turning it to Positive

Turning it to Positive

When you have had enough
And you’re looking for a change
When the struggle is high
And the love low

Bend down on your knees
And call out the mighty cry

The touch of the Masters hand
May just arrive
If you feel it deep in your soul
You will surely know

There will be no need for books or checking with others

For the light that gets lit
Will guide the Way

You will know the steps though the climb is steep

When all that was burdening turns to glee

When mercy is given and forgiveness is felt

When the traveller is renewed into Heaven on Earth

Where love is boundless and faith, charity, and redemption run high

Like a mighty river swift and wide

The only task of the traveller then is to play out the tune of the Mighty Masters Hand

~Lori (2014)

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