Becoming a friend to Silence

Is a Way of being in the world

It is of the realm of choice

It will not come upon you.

It is deliberate and disciplined

As well it is a process,

Becoming silent.

The rewards for silence are

Not readily available

At the point of choice.

The opposite is true

the internal cavity, starved from

The years of tussle,

Will protest strongly to the desire

To settle into silence.

The physical, mental and emotional

system will rise up in great and powerful

waves, like the rolling sea

to attempt to alter the course

of the intuitive self.

The sailor will want to abandon ship,

try a different course

delineate all the reasons that it is not possible

to complete the journey into Silence.

A deep hunger must exist for the day the sea settles

Sun shines, and the wind blows softly,

But only after the Storm has had its way

With the Vessel.

                              ~Lori (2014)

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