Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

If you have not yet felt this in your life,

You surely will.

For those who have

Then you surely understand the

meaning of Rock Bottom.

It is a time when all you knew

Understood to be true

Falls away

And the simplistic being

Is taken by the wind

Into an abyss

Of confusion, turmoil

and desolation.

When the interior must grapple with

the meaning of Life.

When what seemed important and real

no longer matters.

A fundamental shift in awareness

When frivolity falls away.

When we begin to look toward simple comforts, transcendent moments

to carry us through the storm.

When we reach for that which never made sense prior to,

When the need was low and the yearning quiet.

Reach, yearn, beg for release from the suffering,

For Peace.

This is the turning that causes a life to be  built on

Love, acceptance, simplicity, humility, understanding

And Spirituality.

The Crying out is the crossroad.


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