Rising Above and Rising Through

Rising above and Rising Through

Faith and Hope the cornerstones of my walk through Life.

Never really understanding why the crossroads came

But stepping in and stepping up to them

Taking them as they came

One by One

Focus being the predominant tool in my being

Focusing on a better day

On love

On laughter

On peace

On surrender

On Letting go

On beginning Again

Over and over

A well groomed trail

Staying quiet

Moving silently and swiftly to

Higher Ground

Never letting the concrete

Weigh me Down.

Never allowing the fatigue of the Journey

Take away my Spirit

My desire to love and be loved.

Knowing someday on the great Horizon

The Sun would burst out

And the Skies open

to release her cleansing rain

Leaving all that was before


And so it was written, we must close one door

to open another.

Locking it, is a good idea too!


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