Pulling out from the Curb

Pulling out from the Curb

The season of resting and cleansing has past,

the time of truth has arrived.

The work of processing, sorting, letting go, and renewal

has sifted through my interior

arriving at the point

at which I began.

Underneath once again

Finding my Way through

the hurts, humiliations, and losses

along the Way.

Using a chisel to pound at the hardened rocks

Of pain lodged deep

In my body

Waiting for the shattering of the hardness

to occur

Taking me back to my

Vector of truth.

The time when my heart opens freely and loves

With abandon.

When I am no longer constrained by the hardness

And the essence of my being flows

Freely in Love.

The large boulders placed in my being

Transformed to larger



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