Pain leading to a higher level of Consciousness

Pain leading to a higher level of Consciousness

I am often asked who do you go to Lori for comfort, who do you talk to lean on

When you are weary.

As people come and go in my life, there is always an inquiry and assessment on the part

Of the traveler looking at me and my ways, sometimes it is gentle and kind and sometimes not

So much.

What I know to be true is the look into my life, is through the lens of their own being and

Not from my lived reality.

I mostly just let the traveler hold whatever view they wish of me, because

It matters not in the truth of my life.

What I know to be true for me is that my daily walk has been through the lens of pain,

that has been transformed into light and love.

What is true is that my spiritual practices and beliefs have carried me through my life,

The mighty mountains and deep valleys.

That when my spirit is low I travel closer to the light to be renewed, reinvigorated, restored.

What I know to be true is that it has worked without fail each and every time.  That in the end, sometimes after great twisting and turning and much protest I find myself once

Again on my knees at the mercy of the creator

Requesting to be shown the Way through,

And I am

The process of this bending has become less rigorous and deep over time

Only because I bow quicker now

That I know the Way.


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