My Life is a Testament

My Life is a Testament to my Soul

The mighty winds blew night and day

Threatened to take my soul away.

I could not release

Fall into the abyss

For I had a vision

To hold on to.

Though the modern world

Rejected it so

I believed.

For what else could I behold

But this caldron of knowings

Held in my belly.

Nothing else to hang onto

Blowing in the wind.

Touching into the caldron

When broken

Recommitting to the vision

Rebuilding, starting once again.

Pulling all my strength

To travel toward my truth

The burning candle in my soul

A fire lit by divinity

To always keep me warm

On the inside.

This little light of mine I am going to let it Shine

Shine through the brokenness.

A simple woman


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