Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Walk peacefully trusting the almighty rhythm of the Universe.

Spiritual processes require a connection to the Earth,

A cultivation of awareness and respect

For the natural and healing

Resources available

To the individual

If one so chooses.

In a wondrous and gracious


Mother Earth is free to all.

There are no requirements for

Belonging to her.

No status, no ethnicity, no accolades

Just the rite of passage

Of being able to see her feel her.

This seems difficult for some,

Possibly their attention is focused on doing, success,


But we must remember when the day is done

And the journey is complete

We will lay down in her

With nothing but our self.

I wish that all could peacefully, gratefully and

Graciously on the journey home

Come with an open heart and a willingness

to understand the gift Mother Earth is giving us

each and every day.

I believe that as we move closer to our final sleep the passage

to it will be free of struggle

if we could recognize the

love she has for us and

we will come home to.

           ~Lori (2014)

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