Love Lifts

Love Lifts

In the search to be loved,

and we all do.

One must ask themselves does this union

I seek raise me up.

Love lifts

In all matters all the time.

The beauty of love is that it reveals in the eyes of

another your greatest potential

even though that has not yet been


That is the nature of Love,

a mirror, from another human being

that reflects back

who you are to become.

Love is blind for this reason,

we all need someone to look past our

struggle, our inconsistencies,

the times in our life when

we are unable or unwilling to

reach for our better selves.

Love lifts us to once again move toward

Some eclipse of letting our light


Letting go of the dark side of ourselves

when we recognize we will loose

the lifting power of Love if

we do not.

Because the lover can see so clearly the light

the dark can also be seen,

the challenge is to release that

which holds one down

so the lift can be felt

and become the focus  and

the body of the relation,

day to day.


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