Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

Do you long to feel the
sweet tenderness of Love
Of course you do

Everyone does

Somewhere deep
in the inner chasm of our being we know when
the funnel of Love
needs to be deepened

It is a tempest we both
long to run to and shake with fear when even a tiny morsel of the true fire is

The protections must be laid down to open
the funnel

Not at all for the faint of

Oh Love – why do you require so much for
your sweetness
Such a deep bow
A merciless a

A fluttering about like a wild hen
that has gone mad in the hen house.

It is
ridiculous really until one has
Experienced the all mighty
river of Love

Crossed the bridge to the
letting go of self
Then comes the big war

Again, Again I want to do that
After I pick myself up off the


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