Life after being Shattered

Life after being Shattered

When the heart has been melded back together

And it no longer weeps buckets of soul tears


When the touchstones of the pain

Find their way to the bottom of the inner being

No longer able to be accessed by daily life


When the walkway of life

Is layered with real moments of simplicity, truth and acceptance


When the heart recognizes that is must first

Shower a love parade on its own interior

Bringing its own precious energy of warmth and care to itself


Life after being Shattered


It is sweeter on the other side

Pleasure arrives through simple means

Contentment can be felt in the Joy of Surrender

Life can be lived with the heart wide open

For the fear of the breakage

Has already been lived

And there is nothing left to fear

Having survived the journey of a Broken Heart

Burned into a Heart that wishes to live life

Full, free and flowing.


Becoming a strong sacred Heart.


~Lori (2015)

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