Let’s talk about Love

Let’s talk about Love

We have been dancing around this for a

very long time.

What we think Love is.

Love is not thinking, love is feeling.

If the heart is contracted and insecurities are

operating, the sensation of Love is not able to

Enter the being.

And so we travel on through partners, looking, searching

For the perfect match and the glorious

Sensation of free flowing Love.

What if Love originates in the eye of the beholder

Or more appropriately in the open sacred heart

Of the body.

What if it is possible to love everyone when the heart has

been penetrated and opened.

What if the experience of free flowing Love is in you,

Regardless of the company you keep.

The intensity of it will be relative to the magnetism of the

connection, some more intense than others.

However what if I said Love is all around each day.

Would you believe me?

      ~ Lori

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