Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind

The interplay and exchange of the

Heart and Mind

Is of extraordinary

Importance in the journey of Life.

In Western culture the paradigm of operation

Is centered on the functioning of the Mind.

Thought and analytical processes often

devoid of the consultation of the Heart.

We tend to save the Heart for our intimate relations,

Only allowing it to open and speak

When we feel safe or less vulnerable.

We hold it back so it does not trump the Mind.

The difficulty with this template is that

Life is lived truly through the Heart

Desires, longings, intuitions can be, when

Tamed and filtered through the rational mind,

Our deepest level of insight and knowledge,


The process of learning this taming  of the Heart

Is difficult and treacherous

When the fire of the Heart is lit,

It becomes a wild fire

Potentially blinding the Mind.

Think about Love, have you ever experienced true love

If you have, you will understand that which I write.

Blinded for a bit, then when the fire burns lowly

The traveler looks around and says

Oh dear, what was I thinking?

We must learn to walk with the Heart in the hand

And the Mind to measure the steps.

Access to both simultaneously.

Switching to and fro as needed.

Trouble is, we must decide to bring the Heart out to play!

Not at all a pleasant process as we reach for the Wisdom of the Heart,

As well as the Mind.

                                             Lori Ellis~McKinney (2014)

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