Oh my soul sings with Contentment, so rich and bountiful

T’is Sweet

And oh so Tender

Requiring the most clear of attention

To pay tribute to its arrival.

So simple so easy to be missed

To pass it by with all the doing, the plans, the expectations

But simply letting go in the moment

Surrendering to the rhythm of the flight

The sound of the engine

The comfort of the co pilot

The setting Sun

The magnificence of the Landscape

The Eagle’s eye view

Of below

The transcendence of the Sun

Lulling us to a peaceful sleep.

The joy of the fair below

The discovery of the panoramic view of my home and land

The power of the river flowing up  to

Encapsulate the vessel we were in.

Receiving it all in simplicity and grace

That brings a tear to the eye

And a cleanse to the belly.

Two bugs in a rug

Jack we were

Two bugs in a rug on a Magic Carpet Ride

Once again

So Blessed.

Thank you


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