At this Point in My Life

At this Point in My Life

As I have moved through my life

From the days of living as a young girl amongst poverty, violence,


To the women I am living in comfort, safety and a

Healthy way of living.

I have carried with me a deep compassion for my dear friends

And family who still struggle.

I never lost the perspective that “But for the Grace of God

Go I”

I have never lost the understanding for why people behave the way they do

And the barriers to that prevent their own

Climbing of the Mountain.

I have never become separate from my Past nor forgotten where I came from.

In all my days of advancing and being a part of mainstream society

And professionalism I carried with me on my interior and deep in my heart

a kindred spirit.

I was hurt by the perceptions and judgments of the more privileged

Toward those who were not- as I sat amongst the misinterpretations of the human experience.

Though I was required to be muzzled as the forces were too large with

Which to compete, and I had to bide my time to build

My credibility, knowledge and experience.

I waited for the glorious day that I knew would come

When I would pull back the mask of my journey

And reveal the true walk of my life,

Without Shame

And in Triumph.

So Grateful that I may speak now, sincerely and honestly

Without fear of reprisal.

                              ~Lori (2014)

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