You have to live it to know it………..

You have to live it to know it-
All through my life when I have had to let go and move on because of my vision for my life I have grieved deeply in the letting go process… though I knew I must, had to, was an absolute necessity for my life.  I have always known that the reasons were not explainable to others as they stemmed from my entire life experiences which cannot be imparted to another.  In the end, those I have shared experiences with always come back and say Sorry …I didn’t know or I didn’t understand at the time what was happening and why.  I have learned to accept that as how could they possibly, nor would I ever want anyone to live what I have.  I am grateful today in my life for all the experiences as they have brought me to the awareness that I hold deep inside and a comfortable peaceful resting place on my interior. In that process, I simply learned to let go lightly and in Love.

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