Unity and Belonging


As I moved through my life the painful times were that of rejection, not feeling like I belonged, being alienated and or isolated-  I keep to the line ” no room at the Inn”  I understood clearly that my Way of being in the world, my beliefs, my heart knowings were hard for people to understand, they came from my lived experience and how could one possibly know if they had not lived it. This knowledge gave me the strength to overcome my personal feelings of hurt and shame, and stick closely to who I am in the deep in the  interior trusting the rhythm of my life would make sense some day. It also allowed me to not take the step to cause that kind of pain in another human being no matter what had been done to me.  I will however allow the natural consequences of others choices, priorities, decisions, and conduct to rest squarely on their shoulders and not carry responsibility for another persons path in life or the outcomes of that path. Lori (2014)

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