There is no script

As I was flying yesterday in some playful wind currents I was conscious of the need to be ready, to be alert while remaining fluid, to dance quickly on the pedals and stick as another gush of wind moved through me and the aircraft, to adjust my height and speed to both let the wind have it’s way but also to be sure to stay on course and bring myself to my predetermined destination point.
As I woke out of slumber this morning before even opening my eyes, I lay in the soft presence of peace and silence and let my being enjoy the wonder of the pause among stillness as I set the course for the new joyful day.
I am struck how each day, each 24 hour period is similar to the Way of flying. There is no script, no right or wrong, no set pattern that will work each day.
It is only to rise with what we have within us, to be ready and alert while being fluid and with presence and skillful responsive move ourselves through the day and all that it may bring toward us, moment by moment.

Lori (2017)

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