There is a time to Stand and a time to Fall

In the course of my life there have been many occasions when I have had to learn where I stand.  I am not a fighter by nature, so I will endure any situation for long long periods until the forces I am in push me to a point that I can no longer accept.

At this juncture I sit with myself and decide will I stand or will I fall.

There is a time to stand and there is a time to fall-  I have chosen both on many occasions.  The deciding factor for me is whether the issue is personal or political. When it is personal I will allow a  fall and walk away quietly and gracefully, when it is political I will stand and chart my course for justice, changes that enhance mine and others ways of living or to protect someone I perceive is in need of protection.

On both occasions in the standing or falling I do watch to see who supports me or who turns on me- I usually say out loud when I see it “duly noted”.  This allows me to make healthy choices later on in my life.

I will not ever betray the roots of my lineage nor the life lessons I learned along the Way.  I will not  ever betray or step away from  my people. Lori (2014)

know where you stand


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