The Precious Mile

One of the most heartbreaking realities of my life was as I moved across and through the institutions, social class structures, cultures and various sub groups of society I would eventually bear witness to the negative opinions and judgments of others who were not a part of that particular grouping of people.

I would have to sit quietly and bear witness in silent pain to the knowing of the unfairness and untruth of it all. I certainly would want to many times burst out and say loudly- You are talking about me and I am in the room, I lived that, I know that intimately and you obviously do not understand what is happening here, having not lived it yourself.

But I knew in my heart that the time was not present for me and I must trudge on with my silent inner knowings as it would only serve to make me a target and the mighty forces of alienation and oppression would come in hard and fast in an attempt to quiet me.

When the day came for me to unpack the story of my life, those negative forces still came but I was no longer threatened by them.

I am surely grateful that I eventually became strong enough inside myself to reveal the love I hold for all persons- no matter.

This love came from my lived reality that I understand because I too have walked that precious mile, step by step.



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