Take Off

…………….So I am rolling down the runway, feeling the wind on the wings and I know in my heart it is time to push the throttle fast all the way to the front, to be pulled back in my seat, to hear the roar of the engines and the freedom of early flight-

But I can’t I can only slip it forward ever so slowly, monitoring all the risks, trying to stay in control and abort if necessary,

This hesitation causes a fish tale a wobble every time that leads to more fear and insecurity and then to doubts about my ability to fly.

I get very frustrated; curse a little, repeat loudly

Come on Lori you can do this, focus push past the fear, throw the throttle forward and let go.

Ok I am gonna do this – no matter

Just holler at me Jack if I flinch Just holler and push me through

And in the sweet wonder of belief and crossing the threshold, I set my intention and focus, I prepare my mind and body to not allow the flinching moment

And then I hit the throttle full force

And we fly and we fly and I do it again and again

Till I feel the flinch no more

Moving on and moving past to the next threshold.

Life is so very similar.


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