Street Smarts

Street Smarts
A person does not walk the road I have walked without gathering along the Way significant street smarts.

My decisions around the knowledge I gathered were to only use it for the protection of myself or others and not in a manner that caused harm.

Mostly throughout my life my foundational beliefs and leading values in love, compassion, understanding, patience, belief in non violence, fairness, and respect have caused others to underestimate me and to mistakenly believe that there did not lie within me a raging inferno, from my my own lived experience,  which is calibrated and controlled until that one fateful day should someone cross the boundary into harming me or others.

When the fire opens it is laser hot and intensely controlled setting a path of pursuing justice through the proper means and channels.

I believe it is my obligation to follow it through to justice simply because I am capable of it.


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