Service and Survival

Somehow I knew as a young woman that committing my life to service would raise me out of the darkness and struggle I had experienced and witnessed in my tender years of child hood. I crossed a threshold in the silent depth of an evening sky calling out my commitment to be of service should I be granted the gift of survival. I have been circling, balancing and growing on these interconnected and interdependent core values and purpose my entire life. I will not pretend that both at times have been a bondage and a blessing. I will also not pretend that I have not been taken to my human limits of trembling fear in both realms. I am always amazed as I am brought through those states and my life is brought back into safety, security, peace, simplicity and contentment at the Grace and Strength I receive at the times I most require it, when looking back I could never imagine or access that power in my daily walk nor most times believe I have come through what I have been challenged by. Lori (2017)