On Taking the High Road and Making Peace

In the course of the journey of my life I have been exposed to many things I
wish I never saw, never knew and have had to make peace with. Things a woman
should never be exposed to, both in the criminal world and in the political
world. Much of it caused me to become a target because I knew too much, and
could expose therefore making a me a threat to people who had much to

Always each and every time in the end I have chosen to quietly and
systematically speak my peace… through proper legal systems and then allow
those systems to do with it what they will. Trusting that I have done my part in
attempting to create a more peaceful place to live.

Even though in the
course of this I have had many negative consequences to endure I have always
been provided a path to continue to move forward and live as I believe leaving
the negative behind me. I am grateful for this.

~ Lori (2014)

On Taking the High
Road and Making Peace
It means to do what is the most acceptable

Years ago before modern roads and bridges existed and roads
were not paved, roads were built on the same level as the ground. Some roads
would run across low ground and some would run through hills. Frequently, it was
faster to take the roads across the low ground. However, if you took the road
across the low ground, you could get muddy. In fact you could get stuck in the
mud. If you took the high road, the journey would be more difficult but you
would arrive clean although sometimes a little later and not needing to get the
mud off of you and your vehicle. From that illustration came the expression,
“Take the High Road.” It means take the path that is a little more difficult but
is unlikely to get mud all over you: physically, mentally, legally, or morally.
In other words, don’t cheat or steal. Do your own work.
The low road refers
to that path traveled by all at some point – death. The high road is of course
this earthy existence.

The expression “take the high road” means to take
the road less travelled. It would probably be a rougher path, more difficult to
travel. But even though it is the more difficult choice, it has its own

… means being “morally superior”.

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