On Speaking Truth

Portions of a letter written awhile ago as I persevere in quietly, honestly, sincerely, speaking truth.

I am not sure at all if I wish to do or say anything with regards to the unfortunate history of employment I had with the Province of New Brunswick as a Social Worker.

However many times over the last few years of rebuilding my reputation, credibility, securing my families income by means of a opening my own Private Practice- small business, from time to time your name has come to mind.

         I am left with a feeling of having a responsibility to expose the inappropriate use of power for harm toward employees in the Province of New Brunswick, via the use of bullying, threats, coercion, and defamation of character, etc.  My experience was stark and severe, providing a competent example of what may occur to an individual who speaks out, exposing wrongdoing or issues with the public service sector, namely a Whistleblower.  I have documentation to support the story the entire way through.

I have absolutely no regrets for the decisions I made nor the course it took me on, nor the outcome.  I believe I did the right thing at the right time.

I do however believe that I in no way deserved the unfair and inappropriate measures taken against me by those in power within the government system.

I have restored myself as a competent high level Social Worker in the Province of New Brunswick in my private business which is currently experiencing great success.  You may review it if you like at www.rivervalleywellnesscentre.com   This does not however compensate in any way for the harm done to me as a result of being a 15 year dedicated, loyal , giving beyond the call of duty Civil Servant.

Thank you for your time, Lori Ellis McKinney

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