On Being a Healer and Human

On Being a Healer and Human


As I have travelled through the storms of my life, while being a healer, I have often been challenged by the internal distress that accumulated in my gut by the simple but excruciating questions that caused me to pause and ask myself;


How can I be a marriage counselor and be divorced?

How can I live my vision of love peace and healing when I am bound by feelings of humiliation, hurt and despair?

How can I be a light in the dark, when I myself am consumed by darkness?

How can I instill Hope when I feel hopeless myself?

How can I find the energy in my soul to rise, when each and every day, I am required to find energy to give to others?


These are my private musings that I carried with me through all my days- I did not let these fears and insecurities block the fulfilling of my purpose, however they caused me significant turmoil and angst as I moved forward steadfastly on my Path.

The predominant force that carried me through these moments was a fundamental belief in a higher force that would secure me, comfort me and guide the Way if I was willing to follow. I held a genuine knowledge since I was a child that I wished to be source of light and wisdom of the amazing human potential to overcome all obstacles, barriers, pain, limitations and sorrow. I believed and still believe that inside every human being lies the key to an amazing love filled life if we choose it and work toward it.

Slowly and surely like the Turtle, I have crossed the finish line, for now.  Until the next soul developing experience comes along!


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