Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. George Bernard Shaw

Living Dreams

As I was setting up the structure of the Wellness Centre and my Family I was conscious that I was stepping forward to live my Dream and in the end I was solely responsible for the success or failure of that Dream.  That it was in no way fair to ask others to invest their skills, life, or love into my Dream.  For they have their own precious dreams inside them as well that need to be expressed and lived for them to be truly happy inside.  If they were tagged into mine, in the end they would become bitter or unfulfilled.  It was difficult to be in the phase of laying out my dreams and also supporting the birth of the dreams in others who were with me in the process however I knew it was the only way to be truly successful and happy as a team.  Working, loving, and living together.  It is true that I am the leader and carry the weight of the endeavour financially, emotionally and physically however that is what I signed up for!  Others participate to live their dreams under that umbrella for which I am happy to provide. In the end the commitment is to stand by each other in support as we manifest what we most need in our lives, whatever that may be.

Stand by Me- Faith Hill was a song I listened to over the years, to pump myself up and access the support I needed.  I  learned from a young child how to be independent and access support through my connection to faith, nature, silence and staying true to my vision for my Life- No matter what- through hell or high water and I had a lot of both!…/lori…/leadership/

What do you do when you can’t rely on the ones that should be your closest allies? I’ve been there before. Standing in front of family members, feeling persecuted for following my heart. Standing there, looking at the jury while each family member is ready to deliver the guilty verdict. What if I told you that you can live your dream without a support system? Below I will detail three things that will help you live your dream without having a support system: 1. Crystalize your vision In order for you to thrive without a support system you need to have a vision. Vision is loosely defined as the act or power of anticipation. What are you focused on? What do you like to do? What do your dreams look like? Answers these questions so you can truly understand the things you are passionate about. You can also visualize what it would look like to have successfully pursued your dream, which will help you gravitate towards finding your ultimate purpose. When family members and friends try to squash your dreams, think about your vision. Remember your vision is powerful and inspiring. 2. Have faith Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Your vision motivates you to activate your faith. Faith is not solely tied to religion. Have you heard these phrases before? Have faith in yourself? Believe in yourself? Your faith is strong? In order to live your dreams you must have faith in what you’re doing. You must see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you need to activate your faith. 3. “Speak” your dream into existence You already worked on strengthening your vision and your faith. The next thing you need to work on is speaking your dream into existence. Utilize positive self-talk every time your family members or friends try to minimize or cut down on your dreams. These people, no matter how much you love them, do not believe in your dream. It is up to YOU to believe in your dreams. Believe it in your heart and profess it with your actions. Understand the power of affirmations and use them throughout the day. But be realistic while you are in the pursuit of your dreams. They won’t come true overnight. Final thoughts * You have to have a vision. You must have faith. You must speak your dream into existence. * You will encounter people that will try to kill your dreams. Have the strength to remember your vision. * Live your dream no matter what.


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