Have you Ever?

Have you ever?

Have you ever just let go, laid down in the sweet warm grass and bared your soul to the sky?

Have you ever sat quietly in a cauldron of inner combustion and simply opened the mouth to let it pour from the lips?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said No I cannot live like this another day and gently shook yourself into a commitment to live differently?

Have you ever released the expectations and judgements of others and let your passion rise up from your core propelling you to a new walk steeped in the flames of desire?

Have you ever shook with the simple truth that happiness is located on the interior only and that this one precious life is all about finding and living your authentic self in the world- whatever that may be?

Have you ever longed to feel the wind on your skin, the sun warm your soul and the delight of a strawberry exploding in your mouth?

Do you love with your heart wide open, do you give without expectation of return, do you hear the roar of the lion inside of you?

Did you give your best to your life~ did you honour the miracle of your birth?

Just a few simple questions
There is still time if your breathing!

~Lori (2014)

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