Ebb and Flow of Relationships

The ever changing tide of Relationships

In my life and practice I have come to understand that relationships are the most challenging, rewarding, inspiring, important and complex thing we do in our lives. Other than, the journey of understanding oneself ,which is true wisdom.  Knowledge is akin to intelligence, Wisdom is knowing oneself.

It is challenging to both travel the road of wisdom of self and at the same moments, develop intimate relationships with partners, friends, our children, and family.

A healthy balancing is required for perspective, insight and clarity.  Sometimes harsh and offensive patterns are created by people to artificially implement a push pull pattern of closeness and distance. However this is unhealthy and damaging.

It is possible and preferable to mutually allow and respect a gentle and healthy ebb and flow of closeness and distance that fosters both private moments of connection to a higher power, prayer, solitude and wisdom of self while at the same time in the moments of togetherness with others creating deep, long term, intimate social relations.

Healthy relationships are built on trust, security, support, and presence. A healthy interior is built on contemplation, solitude, prayer, and healing.  It is possible to create loving relations in which the people in them  understand the value and need to move between the two realms and are agreeable to such, even embrace it as a  Way of living, without causing fear of rejection, harmful withdrawal, fear of abandonment, hurt, harm, and/or confusion. Live well, Love Long, Lori (2015)

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