Dipping in and Dipping out

Dipping in and Dipping Out


All through my life, laughter and music has been a wonderful form of healing and release. I utilize music along with therapy in most sessions as it frees the mind and loosens the body allowing me access to a person’s inner being.  Our minds can easily become locked in on cyclical repeating patterns that become externalized through  verbal content.  If I follow the trappings of the mind, I too can become locked into the world that I am trying to release the person from.  Solely talking about problems will not provide healing.  Some relief may be felt but they quickly return as the mind once again circles around the negative patterns or stories.


Following the teachings of the mind- body connection, it is imperative that I assist the person to become aware and awake of the emotional and body systems as well as the mind.  That I assist the person to be comfortable and feel safe to discover and unfold all that exists in them.


Because we live in a doing world where persons have become highly skilled in the mind and comfortable in this realm there is a resistance to this process, even fear.


As I teach people to dip in and out of their emotions and body awareness I am cognizant there is a genuine fear that they will get trapped in these suffering states.


Healing is all about learning the balance of travelling within and then pulling yourself out.  Neither being too far in or too far out.


Often in deep healing sessions once the pain has been released the session will move into joyous laughter, this is my favorite part and a sure sign that the person I am with is gaining competency, confidence and perspective about their true ability to process the struggle of life but also to

Live Lightly!


Lori (2014)

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